Creative Brief

Creative Brief - Who's Controlling the Money?


Who's controlling the money? That's the question.

5 minute read

Written by Georgie Moreton

The career path of a creative is far from linear. Diana Ellis-Hill, Co-Founder of Be The Fox, obtained a Biology Degree and a Masters in Science Communication, then went on to pursue a successful career in broadcasting at the BBC. It was only then she went on to start her own agency, Be The Fox. It is a unique career path made more exceptional by the fact that data points to a slim number of female-owned agencies. US data points to just 1% of agencies owned by women, while the lack of data available in the UK does not paint a more hopeful picture.

Yet, Ellis-Hill felt empowered by her experiences to start an agency and defy the odds. She was boosted by the support of strong female role models and colleagues. While her own strong business acumen and a robust, practically-minded approach has ensured solid growth. Ellis-Hill has turned what started as a production agency into a full-service production and creative agency, with clients such as Hertility, Bulldog and Dri Pak.

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