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To grow women's football, stop marketing it like the women's game

Written by Meg Price

Producer and hardened footballer Megan Price is enthused by the growth of women’s sport but firmly believes the marketing is missing a trick.

The feast that is women’s football continues, with the Uefa European Women’s heating up. But before we get pumped for another amazing year of sport, cast your mind back to last year’s Women’s World Cup fever. Just ahead of kick-off, there was an Adidas spot starring iconic footballers: men and women playing as equals. ‘Play until they can’t look away’ was the line. That’s exactly what women’s football has done over the years, female players footballing their arses off - even back when they had to continue working a job around training to pay the bills – until, finally, sponsors have taken notice.

That ad was part of a $308m sponsorship pot cashed in by Fifa. Maybe it was because the Lionesses have been incredible throughout the last Euros and World Cup 2023 that UK audiences have started showing them some love. Still, it feels more like a monumental shift has occurred in how we generally interact with women’s sports - both the fans and the brands.

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