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Doubling sales overnight with the launch of a movement

The brief

Hertility exists to help women take back control of their healthcare. The founders asked us to make a film that captures their vision, and kickstart a movement. We created 'Ooh...Someone's hormonal', a multi-award-winning spot that highlights the gender bias in healthcare and whistle blows on society for using a woman’s hormones against her. From inception to launch, the film was written, choregraphed, and produced in just 7 weeks, to go out alongside the OOH campaign. With zero paid media, the film did all the work in garnering eyeballs organically across social platforms. We have won many awards for this campaign including two Shark awards, two Drum Roses and Brand Film award.


  • TVC,
  • Brand content,
  • Format Development,
  • Creative Development,
  • Film,
  • Strategy,
  • Production,
  • OOH


  • Hero film plus 17 different durations and aspect ratio versions
  • 5 platforms including cinema


  • 200% increase in sales overnight
  • >2000% post average impressions
  • 5x industry awards



% increase in sales overnight


% above post average impressions


industry awards

“You guys were one of the best things to ever happen to us. HUGE amounts of gratitude for you”

Deirdre O’Neill,, Co-Founder, Hertility

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