Optimum Nutrition

Creating 300+ talent-heavy assets for optimum nutrition

The brief

To create a clear connection between building Optimum Nutrition into your fitness routine and smashing your goals, and to inspire everyone to find that extra inside themselves, we partnered with influence agency The Fifth to produce a campaign that homed in on aspirational pro stories. We totally over indexed on amazing pro athletes for this campaign. We also over delivered on the work. We became production athletes. After a mere 2 weeks of simultaneous creative development and pre-production, we worked with 6 world class athletes, their coaches, and their busy schedules during ‘competition season’, to film across 4 days in one of our signature super shoots, and deliver 315 assets with multiple durations, in multiple aspect ratios, for multiple platforms. It was a marathon in a single sprint. The campaign went live across digital, radio, and in print, and also in store at POS and across in-store ads. How did the campaign perform? Gold.


  • Video Production,
  • Post Production,
  • Brand content,
  • OOH


  • 300+ assets in multiple aspect ratios


  • 2.04 Million Total video views
  • 1.3 Million UK adults reached on social
  • 4.76% watch completion rate of Videos on Facebook

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